The front cover of the Deluxe edition is laser engraved on wood and limited to the 200 first copies. The normal edition cover is printed on white paper with 2 colors. It is a numbered limited edition. The calendar is composed of 13 20x14 cm cards printed on 700g colorplan papers : 6 light colors papers with black printing / 6 dark colors papers with light printing. It comes in a black silver printed cover which undold to be use as a stander for the calendar !

The front cover is designed by Kevin Cantrell. For this edition, I ask graphic designer and typographer to create unique font work. This year edition will feature unique designs by Matt Stevens , Jef MillotteScott BiersackTom Ludd ,Renaud OrangeTomasz BiernatJoseph AlessioSalih Kucukaga, RADIM MALINIC and Eric Kass.

It is printed in France by StudiO PRESSION.

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