2011 letterpress buisness card

Since 2009, I change my ID and print cards every year, this time I do a « split fountain » print, which means 2 or 3 inks are applied and mix together while it print... so most of the cards are different to each other... My buisness cards express more about me than a complete portfolio...

2010 letterpress buisness card

New decade, new identity... or at least evolution of the existing one... I have used some of Frédérique's (my wife) textures, which is symbolic as she is very much involved in my creative process... The cards have been printed by Studio on fire...

2009 letterpress buisness card

Although I have a logo, I wanted more for my business card. A design that says something about me, and the services I offer, as well as the important "nice to meet you" greeting.

Letterpress printing was the best... The design is inspired by the ripple effect we see when we touch water... My message is that whatever we do, it has effects beyond the initial action. It was also important to me that the design featured the three words : Creation / Emotion / Inspiration

Harmonie intérieure cards

These cards werre issued to promote the
www.harmonie-interieure.com work shop

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